Moving our QAD ERP system to the cloud has given Comvita the transparency to connect information any time or place, across our global business. Dan Waugh, GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Comvita HIGHLIGHTS Company --> Comvita Limited Headquarters --> Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty, NZ Industry --> Food and Beverage Products --> Natural Health Solutions Utilized --> QAD Cloud ERP GLOBAL COMPANY GAINS TRANSPARENCY AND SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL BY MOVING TO THE CLOUD THE COMPANY: COMVITA Comvita is a listed (NZX:CVT) global natural health company committed to the development of innovative products, backed by ongoing investment in scientific research. They are the world leaders in Manuka honey and fresh-picked olive leaf extract, which are at the core of the Comvita product range. Comvita has four product categories: functional foods, healthcare, personal care and Medihoney®. They sell into many countries through a network of Comvita branded retail locations, online (seven country specific e-commerce websites) and thirdparty outlets. They have over 500 staff located in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, U.K. and U.S.A. In 1974, founder Claude Stratford started making and selling a range of bee products from the basement of his home in Paengaroa. He was joined two years later by Alan Bougen, now Comvita’s deputy chairman, and the two set out with a clear mission: “To improve people’s health and wellbeing by using the power of nature.” THE CHALLENGE: HOW TO BEST GLOBALLY MANAGE ERP FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS OF COMPANY GROWTH AND INNOVATION “Comvita is a unique business,” states Comvita GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Dan Waugh. “Demand exceeds supply so we are always looking to increase yield as we grow. Last year we grossed NZD $150M and we plan to grow to NZD $400M by 2020. We needed to be sure our ERP platform would support this growth.” “The Comvita strategy is centered on profit growth, managing our operating costs while increasing our revenue. As we grow, selling more products via new channels to consumers, our ERP system needs to support our growth effectively while the costs and resources required to run the system remain fixed. That is a great benefit of QAD. “ “Enterprise-wide, we’re keenly focused on continually strengthening our vertically integrated supply chain, from source to shelf. With that comes a lot of complexities. Having a software solution that provides us with extensive oversight of all supply chain activities globally is critical to ensuring Comvita operates as efficiently and effectively as possible,” he says. THE SOLUTION: LEVERAGING QAD RESOURCES AND EXPERTISE BY MOVING TO THE CLOUD Comvita has worked with QAD since 1999 and all locations of the global company use QAD ERP. While they were still on premise, Comvita completed two upgrades and recently moved to the cloud. “Looking at our future expansion plans, it didn’t make sense to use our resources to keep updating and expanding our on premise ERP system when we knew from our time working with QAD that they would do an excellent job managing Comvita in the cloud,” comments Waugh. Comvita’s IT team worked with QAD resources to convert all of Comvita’s QAD ERP application to the cloud. “Our project manager was terrific and quickly put together a plan,” notes Waugh. “It’s very important to us, as a global business, to remain current and have the most up-to-date applications. We have to function well in many languages and follow diverse sets of country regulations and restrictions. Moving to the cloud was the right choice for us.” “The conversion was smooth. The IT team was deeply involved in the changeover but most users didn’t notice the change, which is good,” says Waugh. THE BENEFITS: ACCOMPLISHING MORE WITH LESS IN THE CLOUD “Moving to the cloud has been very successful for Comvita. It’s giving us the scalability to grow and expand our business without having to deploy resources on expanding an on premise solution. Those resources are better used executing our strategic growth,” adds Waugh. “Being in the cloud enables us to use our QAD ERP system more effectively,” notes Waugh, “We now have a more controlled process for changes and enhancements, ensuring minimal impact on our business”. “Moving our worldwide QAD ERP system into the cloud has proven more efficient and reduces waste. IT can focus on our growth because we can depend on QAD to handle the administration of hardware and software,” concludes Waugh. Overall, not only in IT, the 24/7 support they have experienced by moving to the cloud is enabling Comvita to grow in scale and expand their business more effectively. Comvita is a 24/7 global company with diverse markets and products. Moving to the cloud forms the foundation to help the company function with ease day-to-day. Dan Waugh, GM ICT, Comvita

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