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"QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be the right ERP solution for UpTime Parts." Trish Reed, General Manager, Navistar HIGHLIGHTS Company --> UpTime Parts Location -->West Chicago, Illinois, USA Industry -->Automotive ,Aftermarket, Manufacturing Products -->Custom Kitting, Workhorse and Parts Services Solutions Utilised -->QAD Cloud ERP Automotive Edition QAD CLOUD ERP DRIVES EFFICIENCY AND COST SAVINGS FOR UPTIME PARTS THE COMPANY: UPTIME PARTS UpTime Parts (UpTime), a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar Inc., is a U.S.-based automotive aftermarket parts supplier for light-duty trucks. UpTime gives its customers the edge by providing capabilities for almost any make and model, custom kitting services and an innovative parts return program. UpTime offers a unique single-source option to support truck fleets, from small fleets to large national accounts. The company’s 115,000-square-foot warehouse is located in West Chicago, Illinois, and is expanding into additional locations across the United States. THE CHALLENGE: IDENTIFYING HIGHIMPACT, LOW-COST MEASURES TO ENHANCE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND SERVICE EXCELLENCE When Navistar brought on general manager Trish Reed to take UpTime to the next level of operational efficiency and service excellence, she worked with her Navistar business partner and IT team to identify highimpact and low-cost priorities. The team realized that upgrading the company’s outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was a priority and offered high impact — the challenge was to minimize costs. The company wanted a better way to accelerate business processes and utilize Navistar corporate resources and internal knowledge to track every supplier, distributor and service interaction. QAD Cloud ERP offered a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option of QAD Enterprise Applications — with rapid and easy deployment benefits that were compelling. QAD Cloud ERP offered UpTime a way to flexibly scale its ERP systems and cut business and IT costs while boosting business continuity and productivity — all with a low total cost of ownership. “Before we implemented QAD Cloud ERP, I was aware that the cloud was the future of where software was headed,” says Reed. “ I liked the fact that the model provided us with a business continuity opportunity — delivering servers in highly secure data centers — more stringently controlled and monitored than the resource we had in-house.” THE SOLUTION: Q-SCAN CONSULTATION DEFINES RESOURCES AND SCOPE OF MOVING TO THE CLOUD UpTime made the decision to convert from its legacy on-premise QAD ERP system to QAD Cloud ERP Automotive Edition. “We reviewed the possibility of upgrading to another ERP system already in place at Navistar, but moving to QAD Cloud ERP offered UpTime Parts a much better solution. In fact, it was a no brainer,” says Reed. The decision was based on the results of a collaborative analysis that was conducted using QAD’s Cloud ERP Q-Scan. Providing consulting expertise, QAD engaged with UpTime to conduct a review of the existing environment, from which the scope and approach to migration was determined. “We don’t have a large IT staff and we wanted to offload system costs so we can stay focused on our core business without having to hassle with large, complex and costly ERP deployments,” says Reed. “And we were excited about piloting the cloud concept — the first company in the Navistar enterprise to go with a cloud solution. ” The QAD Cloud ERP Q-Scan addressed existing customisations, forms and reports and provided a roll-out and training plan. QAD simplified the process of moving UpTime to the cloud with its conversion services in which QAD streamlines the process of mapping old data to the new system. The service brought UpTime on board quickly and efficiently. The implementation set a new record as the fastest upgrade in the history of Navistar — four months from start to finish. QAD’s implementation methodology and data conversion services provided a scalable solution that reduced the implementation time by pre-populating and pre-configuring standard materials. UpTime was then able to adjust data and requirements as needed instead of starting from scratch. The upgrade was a milestone for both the executive management at UpTime and its corporate parent, Navistar. “Change management is a big part of an ERP upgrade, and we made sure our employees knew what was going on and what the benefits were. QAD Cloud ERP was one of the easiest software migrations I’ve been involved in. Our employees saw the speed and the changes in of some of the browses and reporting. They were really excited,” adds Reed. THE BENEFITS: QAD CLOUD ERP CUTS COSTS, IMPROVES BUSINESS PROCESSES AND DELIVERS BUSINESS CONTINUITY “QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be the right ERP solution for UpTime Parts,” says Reed. “Modernizing our systems has allowed us to rapidly scale and let go of third-party applications, ultimately making our environment simpler. We cut costs by leveraging the QAD cloud management servers and Navistar corporate resources. And because we are located in an area where we’ve weathered some severe storms, we’ve eliminated the risk of hosting servers inhouse. QAD Cloud ERP offers the benefits of disaster recovery and business continuity. For example, when we have severe storm conditions, our employees can access QAD Cloud ERP from home or wherever they are to be productive, keep the business running.” “QAD Cloud ERP has helped us reduce our overall business cost by 20 percent since implementation. Business processes are running faster today with QAD Cloud ERP — one sequence alone that used to take five minutes now takes seconds. Multiply that by several users every day and it adds up,” states Reed. With QAD Cloud ERP, UpTime gains the following: • Global access to the manufacturing industry’s only full-strength SaaS ERP solution • Greater than 99.5% availability, requiring no UpTime IT resources • World-class certified data centers — stringently controlled and monitored • Powerful compliance capabilities to support ISO 9000 certification — a complex body of standards that help ensure UpTime solutions consistently meet customers’ requirements • Ability to rapidly scale up and scale down operations to leverage productivity and costs "Business processes are running faster today with QAD Cloud ERP. " Trish Reed, General Manager, Navistar “Navistar has anywhere from nine to eleven sites at which we can quickly set up now that we run QAD Cloud ERP,” says Reed. “Requiring no UpTime IT resources for ERP support and no business continuity headaches, QAD Cloud ERP allows us the flexibility and the freedom to focus on enhancing performance and service excellence while significantly cutting costs related to IT and ERP system maintenance.” QAD Cloud ERP carries no overhead expense for UpTime in terms of server and support resources. And with 24x7x365 user and technical support, QAD Cloud ERP frees the UpTime team to focus on strategic initiatives for growth and customer satisfaction. This frees executives and decision makers to focus on the core business of manufacturing bestin-class kitting solutions. “With QAD Cloud ERP we have a complete ERP solution, and we enjoy the simplicity of modernizing our ERP system with a strategic partner by our side.”

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