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"QAD is tailored to specific issues, rules and regulations in our industry. This empowers Agio Cigars to operate flexibly and efficiently. " Ton Mens, CFO, Royal Agio Cigars HIGHLIGHTS Company -->Royal Agio Cigars Location -->Duizel, Netherlands Industry--> Consumer goods, tobacco Products -->Cigars (Brands: Mehari’s, Panter, Balmoral and De Huifkar) Solutions Utilized--> QAD Enterprise Applications QAD ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS CENTRALIZES INFORMATION AND IMPROVES ACCESS TO WORKFORCE INFORMATION THE COMPANY: ROYAL AGIO CIGARS Royal Agio Cigars (Agio Cigars) is one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe. The company produces more than 750 million cigars per year distributed in more than 100 countries under brands that include Mehari’s, Panter, Balmoral and De Huifkar. With headquarters in Duizel, Netherlands, and the largest cigar factory in Europe, the company employs more than 2,000 people and posts annual turnover of approximately 100 million euros. THE CHALLENGE: OBSOLETE SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES Since the 1960s, Agio Cigars utilized automation to support its business processes. “That was mainly custom-made software, developed in older technology. We had many disparate systems and applications in Excel,” says Ton Mens, CFO at Agio Cigars. “When I joined Agio Cigars, a project had just started to rebuild the existing custom-made software in a fourth-generation programming language. This was a troublesome and costly process. Because I had positive experiences with an integrated business solution in a previous position, I pleaded for a different approach.” THE SOLUTION: UNIFYING THE ENTERPRISE WITH QAD ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS Agio Cigars decided to cancel the custom-made software project and hired Ernst & Young to assist with the selection of an integrated ERP solution. After narrowing the field to three vendors who were invited to present demonstrations, Agio Cigars chose QAD. Recalls Mens, “We chose QAD because QAD was able to do the complete implementation. Also, QAD Enterprise Applications delivers a proven solution in the food industry, where the processes are similar to ours.” Mens adds, “QAD is focused on manufacturing, which makes its applications truly lean. This makes management easier.” Agio Cigars made the explicit choice to ban customizations. “Anyone who wanted a customization had to convince the steering committee of the necessity. Customization is challenging at every phase — at the development stage, testing and through maintenance — and that’s why we were very strict on this. QAD Enterprise Applications offers so much functionality that a business advantage can readily be found in the software,” says Mens. THE BENEFITS: CONSISTENT PROCESSES, INCREASED ACCURACY, REDUCED COSTS Implementation of QAD Enterprise Applications improved efficiencies in many areas, including elimination of extra work created by manual processes and fewer information silos. QAD Enterprise Applications delivered insight into Agio Cigars’ business processes. “Not one faulty invoice leaves our office, and we have been able to reduce the number of full-time employees on activities such as order processing, production bookings and financial administration,” emphasizes Mens. “The insight into our activities has increased one thousand percent now that QAD is our central information backbone,” says Mens. “All employees have access to the same information. We are much more efficient. QAD is automatically tailored to specific issues, rules and regulations in our industry which enables us to operate more flexibly. Everything is stored in a uniform way and that’s an ideal situation.” "QAD is focused on manufacturing, which makes QAD Enterprise Applications truly lean. This makes management easier. " Ton Mens, CFO, Royal Agio Cigars

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Royal Agio Cigars
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Azienda specializzata nella produzione di sigari ( tabacco)


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Royal Agio Cigars


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