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"When we became aware of the new capabilities available to us if we upgraded, the decision was clear. QAD’s upgrade resources allowed us to accomplish the upgrade smoothly and quickly. " Walter P. Little, Sr. Enterprise Applications Engineer, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. SIGHT-GIVING COMPANY MAXIMIZES ERP USAGE THROUGH REVIEW AND UPGRADE HIGHLIGHTS Company -->Second Sight Medical Products Headquarters  -->Sylmar, CA, USA Industry  -->Life Science Medical Devices Products --> Retinal Prosthesis Solutions Utilized --> QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition (EE) THE COMPANY: SECOND SIGHT MEDICAL PRODUCTS Second Sight designs, manufactures, and sells a retinal prosthesis that restores vision. The company was founded in 1998 with the engineering goal of providing sight to subjects blinded from outer retinal degenerations, such as retinitis pigmentosa. The company began by creating a first generation product to prove feasibility of the concept. The second generation device, which would later be commercialized, was created and went into clinical trials in 2006. Commercialization began in Europe in 2011 and the U.S. and Canada in 2014. Second Sight is located in Sylmar, California with a European office in Lausanne, Switzerland and employs over 100 employees. Their products are Class III Medical Devices, approved & regulated by FDA and ISO 13485 THE CHALLENGE: TRANSLATING NEW INFORMATION INTO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION “When the company began it was all about developing a new technology to restore sight. As our focus expanded to include manufacturing, we knew we needed a great ERP system,” comments Walter P. Little, Sr. Enterprise Applications Engineer, Second Sight. “Some of our personnel had worked with QAD before, which put it on the short list. We quickly discovered QAD best met our needs, without having to implement customizations.” Second Sight first installed QAD Enterprise Applications Standard Edition (SE) in 2007 and upgraded to the 2009 SE version. In 2014, several company employees attended a QAD user group meeting and realized it would be very beneficial to modernize their system. “The keynote presentation at the user group brought to my attention the many features and opportunities we would be able to leverage if we moved to the Enterprise Edition platform,” comments Little. Second Sight has also been using Strategic Information Group (SIG), a QAD consulting and channel partner, since 2007 and after the team returned from the user group, they requested SIG do an assessment of their QAD use in the areas of finance, operations, customer service and quality. SIG then presented recommendations of how Second Sight could more effectively use their ERP system. “The report was enlightening,” notes Little. “More than 50% of the suggested improvements required an upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition (EE) as a prerequisite. I had also learned at the user group meeting that QAD would no longer be investing further development efforts toward the Standard Edition platform. Additionally, as Second Sight is now a public company, we have new reporting and compliance requirements that are substantially more challenging on the SE platform. All these factors made the decision to upgrade to QAD EE very straightforward. We knew we needed to upgrade and the longer we waited, the more challenging the transition would be, and the longer it would be before we could realize the advantages of QAD EE.” THE SOLUTION: USING DUAL SYSTEMS RESULTS IN A SMOOTH AND EXPEDITED UPGRADE Second Sight’s decision to upgrade to EE was made quickly and preparations for the upgrade began. Pre-conversion work was done by using the detailed instructions in QAD documentation. A collection of tools and utilities was supplied by QAD and checks were done to identify items that might cause problems with the conversion. “We wanted to make our first closing period a monthend close rather than a quarter-end close, so we were on a strict timeline. Our kick off meeting was held in early July and we needed to go live by the end of August,” notes Little. “As the project also included replacing the QAD server, we made the decision to set up two systems simultaneously,” continues Little. “Our day to day QAD SE business was uninterrupted while we worked on the new QAD EE system getting all the information transferred and undergoing extensive testing and user training.” Using the existing SE requirements and validation as a starting point, operations functionality was formally validated with minimal issues. The system issues discovered during the validation execution were corrected immediately and re-tested. The entire validation execution only took one business day. “To prepare for the go-live data migration, we conducted five dry-runs, itemizing each step and resolving any issues. Once everything was in place the actual conversion only took about two and a half hours,” says Little. “Our preparation made it so that when we went live there were no surprises. We allotted three days for the cutover, beginning on a Friday. Everything had been scripted so well and ran so smoothly I was able to take Sunday off.” SIG conducted on-site training using a demo database with a focus on financials. QAD supplied training guides and user guides and the training was as hands-on as possible. THE BENEFITS: IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGES REALIZED WITH QAD EE Second Sight has realized many benefits from the new functionalities EE provides. “In many respects, our business needs haven’t changed, but with the EE platform, we are discovering new ways to do things that increase our operational efficiency,” states Little. “Many things just work better in EE. We are implementing new features, such as item attributes, and our ERP and QMS systems will soon be able to communicate with one another. However, we will continue our practice of minimal customizations to QAD EE so we can more easily stay current with the software as Channel Islands and other exciting QAD initiatives unfold.” Second Sight’s new QAD EE Financials: • Enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies. • Are more structured, with more definable security improving transaction auditing. • Are easier to use, yet more powerful with more intuitive AP and AR screens. • Have the trial balance and other views which make finding specific information faster and easier to “drill down” to transaction-level detail. • Excel integration for many Finance features, including journal entries, GL account changes and budgets Operations is now enhanced with: • Ability to define and use item-level attributes • Lot Trace Workbench allowing detailed tracing of all items • Better ability to integrate with other systems “Also, security is fundamentally different from SE to EE,” comments Little. “EE requires direct instruction to allow processes rather than SE’s system that automatically allowed processes unless there was a negative instruction. This helps eliminate potential security issues. And, the entire system is now much easier to maintain.” A strong team within Second Sight supported the QAD EE implementation. They made decisions, resolved pre-conversion issues and performed post conversion set-up/configuration on a timely basis. The project scope was effectively managed, coming in on time and on budget with the project team fully engaged and able to communicate effectively, make decisions quickly, and stay flexible. “With the help of SIG, we were able to triage in real time, meet deadlines by prioritizing what needed to be done before and after the upgrade went live,” adds Little. “We had the right people, the right resources and the right software in place to ensure our successful upgrade to QAD EE. The initial estimates were so on the mark, I was stunned how accurate they were.” "Learning about QAD Enterprise Edition features, and QAD’s help with a fast and smooth upgrade has resulted in immediate benefits for Second Sight Medical Products." Walter P. Little, Sr. Enterprise Applications Engineer, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.

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Second Sight Medical Products
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Second Sight Medical Products


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