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"The QAD Customer Engagement Process allows us to leverage the value of our ERP investment over time and QAD continues to work closely with us today to ensure we are on track for tomorrow." Tania Sayers, Chief Financial Officer, SOLAFT HIGHLIGHTS Company -->SOLAFT Filtration Solutions Headquarters -->Sydney, Australia Industry--> Industrial Product--> Liquid filters, traveling belts, filter presses, dry filter bags, drainage belts, filter media roll goods Solutions Utilized--> QAD Cloud ERP SOLAFT LEVERAGES GREATER VALUE FROM THEIR ERP INVESTMENT WITH THE QAD CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PROCESS THE COMPANY: SOLAFT FILTRATION SOLUTIONS SOLAFT Filtration Solutions (SOLAFT) is one of the largest suppliers of technical textiles for industrial filtration applications. With manufacturing sites in Australia, Brazil and China, SOLAFT specializes in supplying high-performance solutions across Asia, Australia and the Americas. Their solutions include: woven and non-woven filtration products for wet and dry industrial applications; technical textiles for a variety of industries; and specialty yarns for industrial, commercial and consumer products. THE CHALLENGE: INCREASING VISIBILITY ACROSS THE BUSINESS WITH A MODERN ERP SYSTEM Originally part of Albany International, the divestiture of the SOLAFT division opened the door for modernizing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With disjointed processes across the business and each manufacturing site operating as a silo, SOLAFT’s business objectives focused on the following: • Increasing company-wide visibility through consistency and standardization of data and processes • Improving reporting • Improving decision-making turnaround times • Optimizing inventory management processes to reduce cost and free up working capital • Growing sales in new markets by 20% within three years In order to accomplish these goals and grow as a business, SOLAFT needed to re-engineer their business model, processes and systems while keeping to a strict budget and timeline. The company needed a stable ERP solution that would allow them to standardize across transcontinental operations without disrupting business momentum. QAD Cloud ERP, the Software-as-a-Service delivery model of QAD Enterprise Applications, offered SOLAFT a full-featured ERP system and supported flexible implementation, predictable operating costs and regular system updates. Since the transition, QAD Cloud ERP has allowed SOLAFT to significantly reduce costs related to managing their ERP IT infrastructure. It also paved the way for future business process improvements to help reach SOLAFT’s new goals. THE SOLUTION: SOLAFT AND QAD WORK SIDE BY SIDE TO DELIVER ON THE STRATEGY Tania Sayers, SOLAFT Chief Financial Officer, turned to QAD to discuss SOLAFT’s longer-term goals and the potential for leveraging their cloud ERP solution. She wanted to take advantage of the new capabilities in the latest release of QAD Enterprise Applications. The QAD Customer Engagement Process, a phased series of consultative meetings conducted free of charge with every QAD customer to help identify and prioritize opportunities for business improvement, provided the framework needed to map out a strategy. In the first phase of QAD’s Customer Engagement Process, called the Discovery phase, SOLAFT’s key personnel shared insight about their business with a focus on evaluating existing business processes and how effective they were in reaching the company’s goals. Priority was on quick wins and how best to leverage SOLAFT’s ERP investment in order to build rapid growth opportunities. From this conversation, the QAD team prepared their findings for the next phase, a Vision Workshop, identifying areas for major optimization opportunities and recommending alternatives for realizing the greatest gains quickly. “The Vision process was very eye-opening for SOLAFT,” comments Sayers. “It allowed us to review day-to-day business operations and clearly see the ways we could streamline those processes. This helped us shift our mindset to one of continuous improvement instead of fire-fighting. When working within a business you can become internally focused on the day-to-day issues. Participating in the process allows you to step back and make strategy a reality.” While the Vision process defined the target and determined what solutions would best deliver on hitting that target, the final phase of the Customer Engagement Process prioritizes the recommendations and develops a roadmap of initiatives to pursue over time. During the Roadmap phase, QAD’s team worked with SOLAFT to create a detailed plan for the deployment of the agreed upon set of recommendations, including resource requirements, change management and knowledge transfer. “We could clearly see through the Vision process that we could unlock far greater value from our ERP system over time, and we did not have to do it all at once,” adds Sayers. “We knew what we wanted as an end-goal and QAD helped us plan a clear roadmap of how to get there.” During their engagement, SOLAFT chose to participate in additional assessments called Q-Scans to gain even more benefit from their QAD Cloud ERP implementation. QAD offers a number of Q-Scans on a variety of topics, from process reviews, system performance and analytics to compliance and upgrades. QAD performed a Plan Q-Scan for SOLAFT, taking a look at areas such as forecasting and demand planning, master production scheduling and capacity management. It revealed that significant working capital was tied up in inventory and that the company needed to improve their processes for forecasting, replenishment and capacity planning. Additionally, a Learning Q-Scan was performed to increase users’ knowledge of QAD ERP and improve their efficiency. The review covered areas such as a user training needs assessment, developing individual training plans for users, and implementing a structure to track training progress and results. For Sayers, Q-Scans provide an ongoing opportunity for SOLAFT to maximize their ERP investment with a team of QAD solution experts. “The Q-Scan reviews have exceeded our expectations as an independent internal check and they provide defined and actionable roadmaps to then follow and implement,” adds Sayers. “And, an unexpected benefit was that quite often we forget what we have achieved as a business in terms of improvement. The Q-Scans continue to give us the insight to stop and celebrate our successes.” "We are able to make better, faster strategic and tactical decisions with real-time access to our ERP data. " Tania Sayers, Chief Financial Officer, SOLAFT THE BENEFITS: SOLAFT BENEFITS FROM QAD CLOUD ERP AND A CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT APPROACH QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be the right choice for SOLAFT, and ongoing customer engagement continues to show the company how they can embrace continuous improvement as a core competency. In addition to a stable, unified ERP system across multiple manufacturing sites, improved use of QAD has enabled the following results: • Greater efficiency across the enterprise in all areas including forecasting and planning • Better access to data enables rapid, near real-time generation of reports in seconds • 24/7 access to global data across time zones, providing executives with a common and consistent view of business performance • Enhanced visibility into key product information and improved customer service levels. DIFOT (Delivered-In-Full-On-Time) has improved by 10% • Consistent monthly reviews of safety stock levels which have been implemented to two standard deviations • Reduced inventory turns from 150 to 70 days – more than a 50 percent enhancement that lowers inventory costs and reduces the burden of incurring obsolete stock • Lessened aged inventory in Australia by more than 60 percent. This has been achieved through removing complexity, with increased focus on saleable stock and removing stock that is truly obsolete With QAD Cloud ERP, SOLAFT is benefiting from a complete, standardized ERP solution that enables them to access, analyze and share critical information across the enterprise; efficiently plan upgrades; and keep up-to-date with the latest functionality. “QAD Cloud ERP has freed up our IT resources and enabled us to work on other business priorities,” comments Sayers. “QAD Cloud ERP offers the security we need and allows IT to look at enabling business improvements. It has enabled us to have a global platform and the ability to replicate an operating model across multiple countries.” “We fully realize the benefits of our investment in QAD Cloud ERP, and our quarterly meetings with QAD give us information on additional modules we may decide to implement in the future,” says Sayers. Most importantly, SOLAFT can clearly see how their business is performing and improve decision-making throughout the organization. “We are able to make better, faster strategic and tactical decisions with real-time access to our ERP data,” adds Sayers. “The QAD Customer Engagement Process allows us to leverage the value of our ERP investment over time and QAD continues to work closely with us today to ensure we are on track for tomorrow.” "The Q-Scan reviews have exceeded our expectations as an independent internal check ... and continue to give us the insight to stop and celebrate our successes." Tania Sayers, Chief Financial Officer, SOLAFT

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Solaft Filtration Solutions
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Azienda specializzata nella produzione di sistemi di filtraggio e di prodotti per il filtraggio in generale


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Solaft Filtration Solutions


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